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Beach Bum is a mobile app games company founded in 2015 by leading veterans from the mobile entertainment industry.

Our portfolio of evergreen games bring the familiar gameplay that millions of people know and love into the exciting, head-to-head online mobile environment. Our gaming experts have combined science and art to create free-to-play apps that have stood the test of time by leading the charts in their field.

With player entertainment at the forefront of our games' development, we try to combine exceptional artwork with great content, to keep growing our thrilling mobile gaming portfolio and bring the best experience for millions of users across the globe.


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Lord of the Board is the #1 Backgammon app worldwide!  With over 13 MILLION USERS, it has loads of FUN in store for you. Whether you're a pro or a beginner who doesn't know the rules, you'll enjoy THE BEST backgammon game out there.
Play with your friends or compete with players from around the globe!


Don’t miss the #1 Spades app in the world! Spades Royale is the most ADDICTIVE Spades app with over 6 MILLION players worldwide.
Check out either solo or classic modes, and enjoy multiple NEW & EXCITING variants, including JOKERS! PLAY NOW & show your opponents what you’ve got!


If you love playing Gin Rummy with friends, you’ll love Gin Rummy Stars! Welcome to the BEST Gin Rummy app ever created! With Gin Rummy Stars you can play a wide variety of Rummy games with friends or with millions of players worldwide!

Play this FUN & EXCITING Gin Rummy app & see if you can MAKE IT TO THE TOP!

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