Coastal Colleague Chronicles

Not many people see their office as their “Happy Place”, but luckily, I do. Once I started working here at Beach Bum, I realized I found a place where I can turn my crazy ideas into reality, make an impact, improve my skills, and create something new every day. To be lucrative, you need to work hard. To be fulfilled, you need to play even harder.

Inbar Duvshani

Marketing Creative Manager


My favorite part of working at Beach Bum is that I can make an impact, and I am able to witness just how rewarding my job is every day. I get to work alongside talented, driven colleagues in a company with products that energize me. All while thriving in my passions and being there for others in a space where I have the liberty to be the best version of myself.

Liron Kogeman

Game Economy Team Lead


Beach Bum is truly a unique company. It isn’t just a company that says it has “good vibes”, but rather continuously cultivates a healthy and positive work environment. Every day I get the opportunity to work with fun, kind and professional people. They are not just my co-workers, managers, and employees. They are friends who I want to hang out with even outside of working hours.

Amit Chameides

Innovation Engineer & Unity Team Lead


Beach Bum is a company that inspires me. It’s forward-thinking. I like the mindset and culture, and being part of a team that gives its best to make the best casual and social games out there, and bring forward new technology. For me, this is more than a job. I’m investing my time, my knowledge and experience in a company that is investing in me.

Aur Tal

Head of Product Owners


I find my work at Beach Bum more challenging and satisfying. There’s always something to learn and new challenges to overcome. The best part of it is working with some of the best people in the industry- professionally and personally.  That’s what keeps me on my toes and the reason I’m super happy to get to the office each day.

Dor Tsivion

QA Team Lead


Working at Beach Bum has given me the opportunity to strive to be better every day. Being part of a team that is diligent, innovative, and creative is a fulfilling experience that I am proud to be part of. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to learn new things from talented individuals each and every day.

Graziella Marchtein

Social Media Manager


The love story between Beach Bum and me began on my first day working here. Since then, I’ve discovered a workplace where my say matters and I’m able to express my creativity to the fullest extent. I work with passion and love for what I do, while working in a respectful environment with healthy communication.

Nirshay Cohen

Creative Team Lead