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We’re Hiring!

Monetization & Operation Manager

You're invited to Join Beach Bum, the greatest gaming family that brings a new twist to classic games by introducing them to the world of online casual games.



Our Monetization and Operation manager is responsible for the planning and execution of our daily engagement and monetization campaigns. In this role you will manage the Monetization, Operations, Art and Community tasks. Your main responsibility is maximizing marketing and monetization opportunities within the game. Managing all the players that have ever joined our games across different segments according to their motivation and behaviors.

  • Delivering new strategies, encouraging customer retention and customer loyalty.

  • Ensuring the database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities.

  • Develop testing strategies for all monetization aspects to ensure the most effective approach for the company.

  • Plan & manage daily campaigns.

  • Customer Journey Mapping - Analyzing touch points within the organization and capitalizing on commercial opportunities.

  • Working closely with all departments to ensure the team works effectively.


  • Strong English written/verbal communication skills

  • Team player, responsible and trustworthy

  • Fast learner, enthusiastic, Initiative and creative

  • Full time position including evenings and weekends – ability to work during unconventional working hours, when required

  • Experience in Gaming Monetization - Advantage

  • Experience in a gaming company- Advantage

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