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We’re Hiring!

Game Economy Manager

You're invited to Join Beach Bum, the greatest gaming family that brings a new twist to classic games by introducing them to the world of online casual games.

We are looking for a Game Economy Manager to join our analytics team:

Job Description:

  • Ownership and a deep understanding of the game's economy, user experience and the core game-play loops

  • Balance between free and paid economy, manage pricing of virtual goods and design configurations for in game activities

  • Understand the business while maximizing engagement, retention, and monetization

  • Build and analyze simulations and A/B tests to drive changes in game economy

  • Collaborate with analytics team, product owners, monetization managers and development team

  • Monitor economy KPIs to find imbalances in the economy that may negatively affect the health of the game

  • Investigate fraud attempts and bugs in the economy


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, or a quantitative field

  • Enjoy working with numbers, formulas, data analysis

  • High level excel skills

  • Experience with data analysis

  • SQL knowledge- big advantage

  • Great multitasking an teamwork capabilities

  • Has great attention to detail, passionate and highly motivated to initiate and improve

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